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Jazz & Latin

I BELIEVE (Latin jazz)

TWO LOVERS (Brazilian jazz)

YOU TOOK ME IN (Tango jazz)

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (Great American songbook)

YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME (Great American songbook)

TE RECUERDO (Latin ballad)

Love and devotion (Smooth jazz)

Mary of the Deep Blue Sea (ballad)

Solvei McKenna

SEE ME (Smooth jazz)

IF I HAD THE POWER (Smooth jazz)

SUMMER KISSES (Smooth jazz)

GUIRO (Latin ballad)

Alternative Rock/ World Beat

TOGETHER (Alternative Rock)

HOME (Alternative World beat)

Blue Flame (Alternative rock/World beat

December 7, 2014

MOROCCAN NIGHTS (Alternative rock World beat)

ZHOEYAH (World music)

(Solvei McKenna & Bruce Carver)

TINDER BOX (World music)

(Solvei McKenna & Will Clipman)

MOSQUE (World music)

(Solvei McKenna & Bruce Carver)

From the CD SPIRIT WAVE ~ Follow the heart of the Mystic coming out this fall

WICHASHA (World music / Native)

(Solvei McKenna & Bruce Carver)

Yoga / Chill Music samples

Trance Sensuality High

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